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Sam Marks

I’m originally from Florida and attended Florida State University. At age 19, I studied abroad in Leysin, Switzerland and got my first taste of the international lifestyle. Upon returning to school in Florida, I was forced out of my Criminology major and changed my focus to business, by necessity, while also beginning an early career as an entrepreneur.

In 2009, at age 25, I moved to the UK in 2009 and founded SKYCIG. The company grew to become Europe’s largest e-cigarette brand and was acquired later by Lorillard (NYSE:LO) in 2013 and rebranded Blu Cig. Over the last decade, I have been fortunate to have travelled to more than 90 countries, and continue to live abroad most of the year for lifestyle, business, network, and knowledge.

Aside from my active startup involvement, I currently run the Invest Like a Boss Podcast in which I (and his co-host) utilize the learnings to better manage my own investments, while sharing the knowledge, experience, and insights with the listeners. I am lover of history, new world red wines, dogs, adventures, and believe that time is short, ambitions are long, and experiences are far greater than any material goods that can be obtained in a lifetime.

I currently support Child’s Dream in Asia, where each year we try to contribute and build playgrounds in rural communities in SE Asia.

I Have Travelled To...

“I continue to travel regularly for a thirst of lifestyle, business, network, and knowledge. The more you see, the more frame of reference you have for making life and financial decisions.”


My Work

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Past Work

Previous Startups

I am an entrepreneur and investor concentrating on scalable, high-growth start-ups. I design useful products and services that help people operate more efficiently and lead healthier lifestyles. In my 20’s I cofounded 4 business resulting in acquisitions including TheGreekFaces, College.com, Bookt, and SKYCIG. I enjoy collaborating with innovators and developing meaningful projects that create solutions to everyday problems. I am on the road regularly, visiting 15+ countries a year investigating opportunities and to gain a better understanding of the global marketplace. For more information on my background please find me on Linkedin.




I’m most notably known for my previous company SKYCIG which I co-founded in the UK in
2009. SKYCIG grew to become Europe’s largest E-cigarette brand and was acquired by
Lorillard (NYSE:LO) in 2013. It was an incredible experience, and remarkable story.

Angel Investing

I am in active angel investor, focusing on early stage companies with great brands and leaders that pioneer emerging categories. I range in my activity from full time operations to more passive advising, and I am always the the hunt for new opportunities. Below is part of my private investment portfolio.

Invest Like a Boss Podcast

Modern Investing Podcast

In 2016 I started the Invest Like a Boss Podcast. It covers all aspects of investing in the modern age in a fun, entertaining way. We interview the world’s best investors, entrepreneurs and CEOs to learn from their experience and expertise in investing. Guests include Harry Dent, Simon Black, James Altucher, Michael Covel, MJ Demarco, Phil Town, Paul Merriman, Andy Rachleff, and world class experts in crypto-currencies, FX trading, municipal bonds, options, startups, real estate crowd funding, passive index investing, P2P Lending, Annuities, and many more.